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Re: Revised drops

last night we killed gele, and can you imagine what did he drop? Mighty, Mighty, Dark... Probably there were too many majestic drops so they revised it. VR should scrap mighty and majestic tiers from the loot table and everyone would be satisfied. Big +1 on removing mighty and majestic tiers. What’...

Re: New item drop locations

Well that sucks not gonna lie. I thought “special” and “rare” mobs will spawn when we kill the normal ones and those special ones are supposed to drop the new gear. Well rip, there goes another cool bew feature wasted (assuming it does drop from 5* roots) It does drop from 5 star roots. We had a gr...

Re: New item drop locations

Don’t mean to be flippant but sometimes it’s nice to leave stuff in the game that needs to be figured out or found for yourselves. MMOs are about adventure and exploring after all. I don’t want to know the locations, but would greatly appreciate it if you could confirm the pictures items were imple...

Re: Ursa Bracelets

Bowmasterr Epona wrote:You guys have any info about Ursa bracelets?

Please see new item drop locations thread. There are a lot of folks on the hunt for these and other items. If we can keep it in one thread that will be easier for everyone.

Re: New item drop locations

alisa.maclucas wrote:Are there 205 + mobs in CG other than the roots and BT? I’ve been focused on the area around the north most ley with the pond and Lilly pads. That’s the only place I’ve seen with 197-198 level mobs.

Ok so reread your last and you answered my question already so sorry.

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