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Re: Build Help

Just my opinion. - If you’re leveling in Carrow I’d suggest collecting or buying bone shards for the bone armor. Good damage bonuses for the area. Looks like you’re about 150, so possibly upgrade your oh axe (ice or fire, not magic). Look for gear that boosts vit/health possibly energy (not focus) a...

Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

I want one of the walking plants from CG as a pet. Artwork and movement already done some easy to implement. Plus we have no pets or mounts for cg yet. Just bardings and charms. Active skill would be restore “x” amount of energy (instant) and “x” amount of health per tick for 20 seconds. I.e. opposi...

Re: Defence

For a lvl 110 war a def boost of 80 is pretty good, and the armor is good also. Those are decent rings imo. Armo is correct that def decreases the chance mob attacks (not skills) will hit you. Armor mitigates the damage from each hit. It’s a good combination of bonuses, especially for group lixing. ...

Re: Tank Build

I like to think myself as a dpstank i do damge and yes i can tank stonevale bosses my stats r: Strength- 100 Dextirity- 60 Focus- 60 Vitality- 215 Please let me know if u would lrefer me to change a couple to stats to vitality I would say your a mixed warrior, not specificaly a tank or dps warrrior...

Re: 5* Lich

Here’s my very mediocre map of where (I think) the 5*s Lich and reaver spawn No idea on spawn time https://i.postimg.cc/hGwbyRfP/A2-ABCD55-C4-E2-44-F8-B915-7-E0-AB6-ACCDC1.jpg *Blue blobs are 5*s Lich *Red Blobs are 5*s Reaver Ya sry. Map is much better than my awful description.

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