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Re: New item drop locations

Nah probably got removed from the game without them telling us just like apostate was. That thing has been camped 24/7 in multiple servers and not a single person has gotten one since they patched it. Apostate brace wasnt even taken out of the game lol, someone got the brace within the last 2 month...

Re: New mage

There is a 5* gold boss in sewers in the room to the right when you are headed down the hall towards the time lost lux vender. I believe it’s a lvl 20? Spawns every 30ish mins for 500-1000 gold.

Re: Cannot connect to server

Some suggestions I gave to my friends were: 1) Clear the app (if you have not played for at least 5 minutes since your last session) 2) Wait until animations have completely loaded 3) Enter log in details (if necessary) 4) Wait again until animations are up to speed and the log in button is ready t...

Re: Getting disconnected all the time since last update

I'm still getting disconnected alot of the time when I try to - use bank, bounty board, vendors, auction house, and very glitchy when running on mount, especially in farag castle. Is anyone having these problems Yes frequently (on my iPad Air).... when changing maps, opening bank, auction house, lo...

Re: Massive Lag discussion

The app still crashes randomly for me on my iPad Air Does it happen like multiple times a day or something? Try to report certain times and what you were doing when it crashed. Ha! Sometimes it is multiple times an hour! I’ve reported many times... there’s been no change. And it’s completely random...

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