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Re: New event

I’ll agree with the feedback that the dragon event almost feels repetitive, especially since we just had one about 4 months ago. A change to it doesn’t necessarily need to be Gele, but something to make it different from past dragon events or a completely new event would be nice. Love killing drago...

Re: Alright Please make some item that can reset faction or something to help

Shivahh wrote:I switched from tier 4 reaver to lich and it only took a week or two of grinding, just keep killing and you'll get there.
Trust from a faction comes with a consequence

This ^^

Changing factions should not be an easy task or something you can just buy to reset.

Re: Logging not works

Currently on WiFi (but have also had trouble while on data)

Intermittent login issues for about 24hrs now...

stuck on loading screen when leaving the tavern just now. Had to force close the app and praying I’m able to log back... and not be in tavern.

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