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Re: Celtic Heroes Database

Im kind of pissed. I used celticheroes.net every day so that i could compair stats and such. More importaintly, i used it when distributing dl, edl and doch gul to clannies. Guess i will be forced to just send random amounts out now and hope ppl send back whats not needed. Point im making otm is th...

Re: Battle mounts, IDEA!!!?

Alexxia wrote:
Moonie wrote:A good idea would be to add camo to bards :)

Ooooooh I love this idea

Normal bard - 20 camo
Sparkling bard - 50 camo


I’d love camo but think the sun bound barding is ugly... if we get diff effects in the future maybe, but have no desire to see the sun shine out of my mounts a...

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