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Re: Celtic heroes movie

Schwing wrote:I’m kinda imaging it being like The Hangover, with Bob, Criminal, Swee and Eragon trying to work out what went wrong after over doing the lixes.

I don’t think Crim would lower himself to hang out with those noobs

Re: The Dino raid.

The boss was always intended to be very challenging not the kind of thing you'd roll over in a few days or even weeks and requiring more organization than previous bosses. That said we're watching progress and it's clearly, demonstrably not impossible using the tools at your disposal. However if it...

Re: The Dino raid.

What do other servers (mainly the ones that kill dino) do when 3 orbs spawn? Our clan has been doing consistent attempts for the past few weeks now. We can get dino to 70-50% hp with ease now, but as soon as 3 orbs spawn continuously our ability to dps just becomes 0. People are spending so much ti...

Re: New clan - Apex

Everything is unfair Apex says the level requirement is 180 to join yet they invite their friends who are below 180 like a guy at 159 is in Apex a guy at 157 is in Apex.. while we grind towards 180 the guys join by help of Friends instead of grinding like us... It is totally unfair to invite people...

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