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Re: The XP Curve

Muldar wrote:Still currently on the board but has been pushed back for the time being until we can analyse its effectiveness and reception.

Might wanna change soon because not a lot of people want to play a game that's 220 levels with each being long and expensive

The XP Curve

I was looking through the forums the other day and saw muldar (can't remember) saying the xp curve would change. This is great news for CH players (however some endgame players will cry) but I was curious when this change would be implemented and how much change there would be

Re: Strange things at Gelebron

We see on arawn also, we are pretty sure it just appears under people with gele weaps and they dont actually have any effect on the raid. Sort of a visual bug. The ones who had those things under them did not have Gelebron weaps. One appears under every toon and mob everywhere. It's just in the tow...

Re: Dream DPS Build

If you had all the gear in the world, what items would you pick for your ultimate DPS build, and why? Also, what's the most realistic version of this build that one could actually get? Depending on lvl I guess but let's say 120 or so. Radiant es Dmg helm axe and a fast wep (aggy trident if enough a...

Re: Pay to lose

People always complain that this game is a pay to win game I hear it all the time however this game is rather pay to lose the server I play about 80% have never bought plat and they have everything in game for edl 2 -3 skain sets each whereas people who have bought plat like my self can't even get ...

Re: Explosive arrow

I use it to level but I also dual device with my druid. Yes it costs a lot of power but I have nice power regen so I don't have to worry about running out of power. I don't bolas mobs because I have a druid with me I just tank it. It has about the same damage as ss maybe 100 less. So if you have th...

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