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Re: Tower double attack rings

The skill is no class but the fingal and tower rings are ranger, rogue or warrior only? It's really holding me back from my ultimate mele Druid and mage builds. Why hasn't anyone addressed this before?!? Those rings are a must have to go with edl totem/wand and the weapon ability gear. #CHstuffthat...

Re: Platinum prices

Have the prices of plat gone up? The price for 4K plat was £79.99 and now it is £99.99. Seems like a big increase. Also players in different areas have said that the price hasn't changed so is it only uk prices? I have looked through forums and haven't found any evidence that suggests OTM will or h...

Re: The XP Curve

This is a problem I have with OTM, I have a lot of respect for all those who reached 220 when the tower first came out because it wasn't easy, and now OTM is trying to prfioritize new players to make more money instead of rewarding old players. They already added the Scholar ability which only dimi...

Re: The XP Curve

Algebra wrote:There is no grind in this game, i say they make it harder. People spend up to 9000 hours on other games to reach the end. Here its around 280 or less to max. Suck it up

You are hard lad

Re: The XP Curve

massadu73 wrote:i m not a fan of mooving the xp curve, imo lvling is ok, its easy to lvl when u ve mobs at ur xp.
its perfectly normal that u cant 0-220 in 2weeks.

It will takes month and months for some players

Re: The XP Curve

Aileron wrote:So easy to level now, I've seen many zip through and become level 200s in just a week.
I don't think there's a need to modify XP curve further.

Not everyone wants to spend $100s on a game

Re: The XP Curve

Muldar wrote:Still currently on the board but has been pushed back for the time being until we can analyse its effectiveness and reception.

Might wanna change soon because not a lot of people want to play a game that's 220 levels with each being long and expensive

The XP Curve

I was looking through the forums the other day and saw muldar (can't remember) saying the xp curve would change. This is great news for CH players (however some endgame players will cry) but I was curious when this change would be implemented and how much change there would be

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