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Re: First Godly Endurance Helm

Gratz on the hard earned and well deserved helm. It looks even sexier in person. So do all the servers share a drop rate? So the 200 kills on one server affect the drops on the server with 50? If so, that’s a really bad idea lol. Drop rate is the chance of a certain item dropping after a kill, and ...

Re: Support Rogues of CH

Shivahh wrote:
RegulusBlack wrote:
Shivahh wrote:Thats just the value, as far as combat i use edl

Eyyyyy that’s cheating man Lololl

It barely gets reduced my expose would still sit at 3.1minimum

Must use at all ur Dino kills

Re: First Godly Endurance Helm

So server with half da kills has more helms and only godly, seems legit VR .-. RNG is a pain eh, fortunately dhiothu has an upgrade system though We have 4 royals in close to 2 years of killing within 24 hours of spawn .-. We don’t even have enough to upgrade any... VR’s response has been drop rate...

Re: Nuada downs dino

Can we not celebrate the success of other players without some one trying to ruin it? If you have nothing positive to say about Nuada players being able to successfully defeat Dhiothu, don't reply. With that, CONGRATS NUADA :). I know that you guys have been working on it for some time and I'm happ...

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