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Re: Level 160 Ranger , Need Help.

My opinion, take it however you like. I generally solo, or doyble with my mage wife. Swap str and dex, meaning you want 2 dex for every 1 str. 1 dex is 2 atk and 1 def. Each atr is what, .2 dmg? Its not a lot. Max steady aim. I found that max sharpen gets me about 1/3 more dmg than steady does. Howe...

Re: Add mount whistles as possible items in event chests - Sign with your mount's name if you agree!

At the very least make them available at Leigh the Sturdy or whoever it is you trade hunters tokens to.
I won't sign with my mount's name because I will not name something that ditches me and leaves me for dead at the first sign of trouble.

Re: Auction House Prices are too low

I'm confused. You bought the items with low prices, yet are now concerned you can't resell them at a higher price....because people are selling them too cheap? Huh. Think of them as stocks, not bonds. You are not guaranteed a return, but they may swing back in tour favor, so long term gains are poss...

Re: This 12 days of Christmas is recking the servers

Some of my clannies on crom said they aren't even seeing any gifts in the special offers page? Any of u guys havin same probs? on 3 of my accounts the offers buttong was not glowing to say i have a special offer but if i press on it, it still showed the gift and that i could purchase it. Is that wh...

Re: Merry Christmas!

Thank you OTM, and very merry belated Christmas to all. I am humbled daily in this game to see how many from so many nations across the globe play, and yet also take the time to communicate with me in my native language (American English) so well and yet I cannot do so in theirs.

Re: Mounted Combat

Or you can spend plat and buy a whistle and have it back to you on the spot. Would like to be able to trade hunters favors for them, but not an option.
But it is fun. Hopefully glitch fixes are done or underway, cuz its a right blast lol

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