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Faction Chest Weapons

Im not sure about other people, but wouldn't anyone else love to see the faction chests drop the spear that the mobs use in CG as well as the wing mounts that are used? Also, for all the weapons that are currently dropping from faction chests, is there elemental variety? other than just fire damage?...

Re: Leveling from 217-220

The quests people are referring to are the ones that reset daily, killing the 3 5* bosses in Arcane. This is used on Gwydion basically daily... hence why we have the first ever 236 toon. Also in addition to the Arcane Dailies, you can do the 3 5* bosses in Forbidden Halls. P.S. you can keep the tank...

Re: Openbeta!?

I believe it is too late to sign up, open beta happens right after closed and I think they have all the characters copied over

Please comment if I am wrong.

Re: Beta release soon?

LivingArawn wrote:Very much hoping that we will get news this week... :) Corrupted Gardens has been advertised for several months and I’m sure I’m not the only one driven a bit crazy by curiousity. If it was possible to bribe otm with baked goods....

Bribing with baked good is worth a try ;)

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