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Re: A longer explanation

Very pathetic excuse to kick a member. Gwydion will accept you with open arms. The top clan here doesn't care wether you show up at bosses or no. Game should never be a chore, seems like these people were making it for you. Once again posting about a clan you know nothing about. You will be missed ...

Re: Crom?

To the Op, welcome! Yes Crom is a lovely server and very low-level friendly too :D enjoy!

Re: Account got hacked !!

And no nuke. I was playing on my alt and then I saw pudel online. So I tried to log in and it didnt work. after that my friend nico toled me it was firejay If u have ur email registered, you should be able to reset ur password. Send a private message to one of the devs, I'm sure they will help u out.

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