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Re: Stalkerz

I'm sure it's a missunderstanding :D cheer up! Marana is a lovely person, speak to her when u get the chance.

Re: To all those who reported me....thx

So I got banned....again. And otm said I was botting.....from reports by players. So for all those who reported me. Thx. Hey shathe :) I've seen u around couple of times, I'm pretty sure OTM won't just ban ur account because they received one or even a few tickets complaining or suspecting that you...

Re: Beta

Yea I'm in SEED, with a few rl friends and from Ch, we're a very small clan ^^ used to do better in clan wars but we're taking a break from them to upgrade defences and walls etc

Re: Beta

Il be there ^^ it won't be very lonely! What clan in CoC are u in?


XxDiabloxX wrote:you're sawtion right? or do i have the wrong person

Yes he is

Re: My Forum Resignation

Thanks for being honest and Yep I did like pekka :) he was more chill and always fun to talk to, but let's be real u won't resign.. Not gonna happen, if u play ch u gotta log in forums once in a while whether it's to check out announcements or anything else. Just quit starting topics that are comple...

Re: Dear Seed

Why post if your purpose is getting this locked? Not sure what ur talking about but the only one I see making a huge fuss is you right now.

Ps. You could have spoken to me or any core member in game but u chose to cry here about it, now I'm not even interested in knowing what u have to say tbh. Smh

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