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Re: Which Ammy Should I get?

Ofcourse a wyld ammy is awesome, but very expensive. I personally have a poacher ammy. I was poor, only had 750k, and so i biught it from the shop. If you have a chance to get a stargem ammy over a poacher ammy, i would do it though.

Shield vs Offhand Axe hybrid

I will be running a hyrbid soon to "tank" snorri pit for a few dps mates, to be lixing in a group. My question is, would it be better to run Shatter, pummel/rupture, bash, stance , def form and taunt, or drop the bash, get an axe and use pummel and rupture both. Ive been dps for a long tim...

Re: The XP Curve

I totally agree Bob. I have had many accounts up to lvl 100, forgot a password, started over again, etc etc. (I forogot to regoster my email like 5 times, lol). Now i have a 158 acc which basically took me 3 years. I've had the same experience with lv 200's not knowing where ow bosses are, so they c...

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