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Re: Fishing

I believe the aged items are for level 2 bears and the crumbling are for level 1 bears. You probably have to finish the crumbling one first to receive the aged one

New scam. Beware

Alright so i was in farscag trying to buy some items, you know the usual stuff. And a warrior whispers to me and gives me the details to his acc stating that he's "gonna quit" cause he hates the game or something. Then he tries persuading me that "Warriors are op, you should make it y...

Re: To the player base.

People act like it's OTM's hobby to try to improve the game and the hours of time they spend in the office is voluntary. No. This is OTM's job. If the bred the baker bakes smells bad do we say he is only baking "FOR YOU GUYS" aswell? OTM should listen to their costumers more as we keep th...

Re: To the player base.

@HeroSkills, Great response. You're completely right and your arguments make sense to me. I probably shouldn't have bashed on blizzard as much as i did as i've never really played WoW. I only used them as a comparison in the pay to play aspect rather than the pay to win. The aspect i DO see as pay t...

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