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Hey muldar Any progress on the unbanning of our clan banks - through no fault of the bankers I might add. You keep locking threads, that keep getting highjacked. Honestly a straight answer would be appreciated.. 1: why are you treating the clan banks like individual accounts, when you've told us for...

Re: Removing ban on bank?

This game used to be fun now its just a ban competition and who can get who first and then otm comes in and said hold my beer and banned 80%+ of people for now reason, they dont even know why theyre banned. So yeah, it sucks, there's no justifying it. Needs fixed. 1516075503723.jpg Ban competition ...

Re: Removing ban on bank?

Banks have never been treated as individual accts and suddenly now they are. Terms of Service States: [OTM] may in its sole discretion provide you with support services related to [Celtic Heroes]. Such support services may be reached using the [Celtic Heroes] [in-game] support tool. [OTM] is not re...

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