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Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

Hypocrisy at its best lol. Great way to end it by taking a jab at a clan? Funny cause most of the post you make are about how much you hate rune farming yet you accuse havoc of using runes on boss fights on many occasions. When something doesn’t go his way he takes it forums . Guess what bud we did...

Re: New Areas

Sephiroth89 wrote:Oh that sounds awesome.

I was always thinking they should use the pier in Lirs and add a boat ride into a new island maybe it could be just a raiding island filled with new bosses ☺

I always thought the same thing lol. I think they could do a lot with a new island ☺️

Re: Sigh, no peace in Morrigan

Lol do what you want. It's a game. If you enjoy trying to bully a lower clan and then try to justify yourself on forums then go ahead. If you so chose to abide by your own set of rules we wouldn't have an issue in the first place. lol, we aren't the one killing people with AoE from trolls. Look in ...

Re: Sigh, no peace in Morrigan

At that time Seela said DO NOT PUBLISH ANYTING YET. I don't need to show SS of what Seela said. Just ask her, if she is really honest she will tell you the truth. So none of my clannies know what to do yet. We had to message everyone and make sure they read the rules a week later, after Seela said ...

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