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Re: Assassinate

pigman wrote:assassinate is still worth it. i have a godly mord and imp necro bracer that i switch to in last 30% of fight the rest of the fight i use hru bracers

For you, I can see the benefit. But most rogues don't have godly mord and imo necro braces to add damage and speed up cooldown.

Re: Assassinate

The amount of dex you have is kind of irrelevant these days, as theirs so much attack-boosting gear. I completely agree, but dex still add to attack regardless. I can easily get right around 7.8k attack with the right gear and hero attack elixirs. My whole statement was in regards to the assumption...

Re: Assassinate

Assassinate doesn't do enough damage on high level bosses for it to be a good skill. On a haste i can do 3 melee hits on the amount of time it takes for assassinate to cast. On mordy, with 1k str, my average assassinate was only around 2.5-3k. I can easily hit that in 3 melees strikes. you are mist...

Ascension/Kudos clan war

Few people enjoy the clan fighting. Even fewer (mainly Ascension) enjoy the low level taunt glitch. We always find a way to kill bosses and will continue to do so. The fact remains, however, that neither clan is playing the game the way it was intended. A lot of this is due to personalities in the c...

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