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Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

Have you ever thought about merging? Or having mutual agreements to kick any who resets. Or what about agreeing to a boss schedules? All of these are valid suggestions. Prime has kicked trouble makers in the past to have them welcomed with open arms into Kudos. This doesn't work the same if members...

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

While I expected this from you Queefmagnet, I cannot blame you. This confirms that you are so blinded by clan bias you cannot see the truth. Here your ignorance serves a comforting blanket a child uses when faced of the fear of the dark while trying to go to sleep. This is probably one of the most ...

Re: Hobo's MMing Service

VI-Internal Server Trade Trades within the same server are much simpler than multi server ones. Here are the steps I follow in the trading process: 1. Collect Person A's items/gold. 2. Collect Person B's items/gold. 3. Give Person A Person B's items/gold. 4. Give Person B Person A's items/gold. Wha...

Re: New Event?

Curry30423 wrote:I think the engine beta test is coming to an end soon so I think that they'll release engine first then the event

They have a lot more to do with beta testing. Don't hold your breath

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

The only political pundit, as you put it, is you Baison. Your rhetoric doesn't improve anything and in all honesty, it makes me want to try less. I don't understand the constant pointing to an old post by RA that has very little bearing on the current state of Danu. A good leader will do what they n...

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

Easy answer to both clans getting necro. Have same amount of ppl from both clans temporary leave their clan n form a new one under shiv or dorn as both are fair. Have the other two clans defeat adds n new clan under whoever attack necro. Shiv or dorn or whoever splits the drops n gives to generals ...

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