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Re: Love CH!

Games pretty much one big social experiment. Zero interference. Left out to dry and see where it goes. Mechanics no matter what the players do ensures there's no end in sight. Those who somewhat do reach the end will quit. Guaranteed. The social aspect is sort of disturbing in a way. In order for t...

Re: The Old Celtic Heroes Menu

Wow, so much nostalgia. Then again I remember a lot of frustration with getting that screen to cooperate, so this was somewhat poetically appropriate. (OG iPod ftw lol, still have mine somewhere that I've not gotten rid of cause it has some unsupported games that I want to recover ...eventually lol...

Re: Love CH!

The issue isn’t that the game sucks, it clearly doesn’t. It has so much unfulfilled potential and that is the issue. That it is mostly unfulfilled. There are no other games out there like it hence why people play. There is a magic to it that most other similar mobile games do not have and I’ve trie...

Re: Love CH!

CeresI wrote:Funny how I post that I love the game and everyone comes out all "this game sucks blah blah"
But those people are still playing, lol ;^)

I’ve stopped logging

Re: Love CH!

Let’s keep things civil, guys. No use pointing the fingers. Everyone has a right to speak their opinions here. To be honest, I also believe that a lot of bad reviews are exaggerated. CH really isn’t as bad as they make it out to be. It’s got to be one of the best mobile MMORPGs out there (that I’ve...

Re: Love CH!

Funny you assume I play 24/7 lol Just ask my clan I am quite inactive. Also, this sounds like a backup account for zKills before his main forum account gets banned... Yeah you have so little posts and the only ones you do have are butt kissin Not joking about the zkills part neither geez, cries lik...

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