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Re: Would ya look at that...

Frozensoul wrote:
Dark Times wrote:even better question:

Who wished they could have only pizza
Who wishes they could have pizza and ice cream,

obviously people will choose the second

Of course, but look at my post in feedback and suggestions, I believe that they could achieve both.


Re: Heliant spawn rates

Considering they give drops for upgrading the best mele dps ring in the game There's your answer to why they are tough to upgrade My clan farms ring bosses and in the past 3 days 2 imperials have spawned. In the end it's all about luck, you could increase the spawn rate but you could see the same r...

Re: My Experience on Sulis

I'm really sorry this has happened to you /: it's really sad that people in a video game have to act like that... and the part where he asked you to video call to prove your gender... Yikes I just stay away from people that are very paranoid and act the way they did to you. Don't quit, just move to ...

Re: Cheapest

Whats the cheapest class to get to end game. So like if you were a noob and didnt buy any plat and didnt have any lux at all. What woukd be the easiest class to level with gold that you would have to farm? Would probably be between a ranger or warrior. Warriors are a great all around class, high ar...

Re: Issues with the Level Lock Penalty for Proteus and Gelebron for End Game Players

I am pretty sure OTM knows their own statistics. Morrigan is a ghost town with only one clan with limited resources (not able to get drops because of the hoarding of end game bosses throughout the years). If this current system (which has guided OTM by this top clan for many years) was working so p...

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