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Re: To DS

Bad things

There's a lot of bad things that they wishin they wishin they wishin they wishin on me

Re: Im sorry OTM...

Im sorry OTM for being a bad guy in this game. I just want to have Exalted Dragon Lord armor badly. Im jealous of endgamers wearing these armor, so i do bad things just to forced myself to get these armor. But before i get edl i have to finish first frozen armor and dl. I completed my meteoric armo...

Re: first gele kill

Grats, very good for a first kill and 14mins, I know a clan that takes about 22mins to kill it after a month if failing with more than 55 toons and it's been more than a year they are killing it. Main thing is try to not let people quit, a lot will quit after first kill and say goal achieved, tell t...

Re: Thanks Muldar for your quick reply

Muldar wrote:
Agent K wrote:
richard2011 wrote:Been a few days I’ve still had no reply’s...


Your friend will have to contact the Appeals Team directly.

I cannot assist in account appeals especially 3rd party.

Sadly appeals team said 999 years just because my friend was dumb and joked about account selling but never did

Re: Quiver on a budget

Thanks for the replys so far! @Shadowknight the gang on sewer is what lvl and where is it located? @Agent K i have no idea on what is kelpie horns. What mob / area drops? Middle of the Otherworld at the swamp, kill the swamp donkies there, all have a chance to drop but might br hard to kill for you.

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