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Has there been discussion on making mount whistles more accessible?

Why are mount whistles only accessible through plat only? It's really annoying to always come to castle to revive a dead mount. Has there been any talk on implemeting mount idols just like resurrection idols? Should really take this into consideration as it was previously brought up.

Re: Dragon Pet

Funny thing. I opened 100 chests before the double plat weekend and got 2 eggs. Opened 500 during double plat and got 0 eggs. Just because someone got a decent amount of eggs from chest while majority got none doesnt make it legit

Re: Harrassment/bullying?

otm has addressed this topic before. if someone is lixing in the same area as you whether it’s training abilities or training your level or even just farming gold or items. everything is fair game when someone is lixed according to otm. so if someone is lixing in the level 200 doby pit while there ...

Re: Harrassment/bullying?

Clearly a victim here and heard many complaints from other clans as well. I knew a few friends in game that were around 130-150 that I used to power level them. Richback clearly thought it was my alt and been ksing him after he found out I was power leveling that toon. So guess what? He quit the gam...

Re: The bright side of lag

Rogue4Life wrote:
Geomancer wrote:server resets gave us few godlies from gele, prot, and mordris :D

How do you guys even kill gele, it’s so laggy!

Haha, killed it when servers reset with no lag, but most recent one was lagging for 1 min when gele was down at 20% and crystals all spawned. We somehow managed

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