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Re: Corrupted Gardens Patch Notes

Dexxa wrote:
Thefreeze wrote:
H3ROBigG wrote:@Muldar
By how much are the respawn times for frozen and dl being reduced?

I don’t think it changed but lower windows and higher 5+* spawn rates

The spawn times have been lowered too :)

Are we gonna get an update on how much was it reduced? both frozen and dl?

Re: Closed Beta Test!

Hey Heroes, Due to the continuing negative weather conditions affecting Scotland we will be postponing the Corrupted Gardens Closed Beta until next week. With hazardous travelling conditions and the majority of staff unable to travel, understandably the safety of the team is our primary concern. Th...

Re: Open all crates

Hey guys. I think it would be pretty cool to have a multi-open option but currently our item system doesn't work that way so we would have to make some big changes :) I realized that the item trade in castle located next to the bounty station has a single trade-in option as well. Example-- for the ...

Re: Too Easy to Scam in CH

OTM should really be considering these types of situation. An official clan bank system would really reduce problems. They need to start working on it asap, and not give its players "we are currently looking into it". We need some sort of good news. This game is just too easy for people to...

Re: Has there been discussion on making mount whistles more accessible?

I've never felt the need for mount whistles as it costs only 100 gold coins to revive your fallen animal and around three seconds to move from ley to the stable. Your battle mount shouldn't be dying much unless you're a druid/mage pulling adds with heals/AoE skills and your tank is incapable to tau...

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