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Re: Ruining Gelebron fight?!

Might as well lock this thread now as it will lead to nothing positive. You talk about violating terms of service yet your shaming and talking bad about an entire clan. You guys love to come to the forums to show face and pretend to be the "good guy". Loyalty never bothered any of you for...

Re: Ruining Gelebron fight?!

So, today we attemted Gelebron (Concordiia server Donn) we had everything to make the fight succesful. But there was this other clan, named Loyalty (some players from Loyalty). They made group amongst them selfs with the purpose of ruining the killing experience for us. They had couple tanks and dr...

Re: Lucas R

Yeah rogue is great fun. But hard to gear ... im just starting dl but i hope i will do the same as with forzen ... i was full frozen at 130 few mins after ding and frozen weap i got day after 135 ... im optimist but dl wont be so "easy".

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