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Re: Ruining Gelebron fight?!

Why not do gelebron together. If u guys are honest with drops then it will be easier to trust the next time. Just let past rubbish go. And seeing people like lock battles why not take turns on Mecro and other bosses but have every 3rd kill a lock fight. Try to think outside the box. Conc dont need ...

Re: Ruining Gelebron fight?!

Between these clans at the gele which this happened at.... Reply to these questions What's the aim in your griefing? Do you think it's gonna help you progress when there's going to be no gelebron kills by either clan? I think loyal wont answer u ... for them is just stupid revenge ... btw revenge f...

Re: Ruining Gelebron fight?!

Yes lucidor you are right this started waaaay back. But we havent pulled one griefed one single boss fight for you guys in over a half year. So everything you say here is a lie. You all are scared of us taking down Gelebron. Because you guys cant. Period. Ur right scar. They are so scared we wil ge...

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