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Re: Gold farming

I give u advice. Best way to farm on ur lvl doesnt really exist ... but if u manage to make few more lvls (with new questline its easy) you can go farm in murky vaults - smugglers living thee behind waterfall at ley have chance of dropping chest (selling for 2k each to vendor) and you can also get s...

Re: Assassinate

Its quest reward ... if u sell your assasinate u will never get it (unless u buy it from someone) ... and since its quest reward everyone can obtain it (its not so hard to get those pages) so i would say noone will buy it (max low lvls that dont know they can get it from ez quest - but those players...

Re: Dismounted

Jasperodus wrote:Cannot dismount a War Mount whilst in combat.

Thats true but while u are on ground (dead) u arent counted as in combat ... and u can hotswap to old mount, then ressurect and u dont get dismounted status ... so u just resurrect and swap back to battlemount - 0 whistles needed :)

Re: New Rogue

Space Aggronaut wrote:And I read somewhere that the bunny's focus and heal skill is helpful.

Thats 100% ... im rogue and i have bunny since 150 lvl ... and it save tons of restores ... thats why ppl choose it rather than dps pet ... and as rogue u need some focus too. I would choose rabbit over all pets even next time.

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