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Re: Wigs and masks

Cool idea, but you have to consider clipping. Will it look right if you put on a wig and a mask? Or a mask and a hat? Someone mentioned putting on fashion on top of a charm. Cool idea, but then you have to make sure that every piece of fashion looks correct on every charm. It would be a programming...

Re: Faster level solo with no good gear from 180-190

I solo'd my mage through tower. Didn't seem hard, but I have no comparison besides druid, who seems harder. Definitely camp blossoms. On my 100ms mount, I can non-stop pick blossoms if no one is around. That's 5 (one quest completion) every, say, 20 seconds. 60k xp. 180k xp a minute.1.8m xp every 10...

Re: Tadaaah Lead Us!

Just saying, one thumb mobile is a much better name than virtual realms. May just be the familiatity of it but it sounds more professional. Even the abbrieviation is better, i mean ‘otm’ makes me think of a business while ‘vr’ makes me think of crappy 90s graphics à la the lawnmower man. (Yes im ol...

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