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Re: which clan is stronger?

Idk about elem and sylph but I'm in invic and I like it here. Ronin go hard on dl and edl bosses sometimes and hippo, and invic going for frozen bosses and aggy. Before couple weeks high lvls from ronin moved to elem and thats kinda sucks but we are having fun and Ronin and invic are friendly and ve...

Re: build

i did and its not what im looking for.
i want help with my stats


good rouge build for lvl 123?
im not buying plat
good for lvling
how many points should i put in dex, str, vit?
im using ss, qs, riposte, fast reflex and life steal.
ss, qs, and riposte maxed out and life steal is 26/30 and fast reflex is 25/30

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