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Re: Shadowstrike miss

Ventius wrote:Attack has 0 effect on your skills hit rate. Attack only increases your chance of landing a mele attack.

Omg really??
So how do i increase my chance to hit shadowstrike?

Shadowstrike miss

I just killed rb and my shadowstrike missed 90% of the times. I had 6.7k attack.
How much attack do i need to land it more successfully?

Re: Replacement jalan set

You can use gara bladelead set or stormleaf set or wait till 200 and get skain set or you can request one of osans ammy there is lvl 190 that adds +9 shadowstrike and some dex or lvl 200 that adds +12 sahdowstrike and dex i think and 1 last thing is the lvl 200 ammy ( imperial) or 190 ( royal ) that...

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