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Re: 150+ gear help

^ he said mostly all of the things but if u dont want to use too many pots you can buy bunny it will keep u alive and will help you with energy regen problem and for ammy you can use the lvl 150 or 140 shadowstike ammy ( adds +5 to ss, dex and cumning) or the ammy that droped from dragons event ( ad...

Re: All endgame mounted?

People use war mounts because you can use your weps and move fast at the same time. Those war mounts add skills too so its really worth getting 1. But war mounts are diffrent from real mounts, you can get war mounts with mount tokens but real mount you get from chests or buy from people and you cant...

Gold from prot

So im getting about 5-6k gold from mordi, hippo, aggy, 8-9k from necro and about 10-12k from old event bosses but from prot im getting only 1-2k while im using most of my lixes, idols and pots on him So this thing need a fix

Re: EG gear help

And no dont use your royal ss over the haste ring since the haste ring still adds 400 attack and 50 dmg so judt hotswap it

Re: EG gear help

If your skills arent maxed so yeah it worth hotswapping rings or ammy to max it. I tried to use rend and i didnt liked it so i suggest you to max sneaky, ss, qs, and double attack at lvl 42 and then you can use poisen wep as your last maxed skill or expose if no one in your clan use it ( i use it an...

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