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Re: Corrupted gardens for 220+?

That's where you're wrong, kiddo... How would ANY non-endgame clan have a chance at any frozen boss? Right now, it's a somewhat fair matchup at grom/pyrus camps bc endgamers bring endgame lockers, and lower clans bring their lvl 130-50 mains. Target lock means that the endgame toons don't completely...

Re: By popular request: Flough's boss timer available to all clans on all servers!

I must be missing something. I just read from Page 6 of this thread (which was around the time the app was released) until the most recent posts on Page 7. Who is bashing, raging and demanding stuff? wzd3? boy that request by Thundersnow to add his clan sure was rude. :roll: Perhaps I'm remembering...

Re: By popular request: Flough's boss timer available to all clans on all servers!

There's an old maxim that I feel applies here rather well... BEGGARS CANNOT BE CHOOSERS. Y'all griping and raging and demanding push notifications and alerts, yet you don't offer to help him program, or pay to fund him? I think he might do something else if each clan paid "rent" for his ap...

Re: What class are you?

Started as druid, leveled to 78, got bored, but made a lot of money castle camping and merching. I saw there was a glut on the market of ice gear, so I made an ice mage to try it out. Full focus from the beginning, I outleveled my druid in a week, and never looked back. Currently lvl 216 on mage mai...

Re: Best eg rogue ammy

Fireberserk wrote:Wow i want to be on that Server. In my Server sun ammies are Like 3.5-5m and stargem ones 9-10m+

Morrigan is the opposite... From what I've seen, people sell stargem for like 3m, and 150 sun ammys 8m+

Re: help with builds for lvl ranges!!

My druid is only 120, so I don't know if I'm yet qualified to speak on this, but here's my two cents. I like using a 100 Sun ammy, 100 axe offhand, OW godly str brace, and no mainhand for leveling. Combos are nice, but even without combo or haste, h2h autos are really fast, and provide decent damage...

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