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Re: The new Aeon Chests

Just watched chest opening videos on Youtube with these Aeon chests, alot of chests, few fash pieces and those have been bad ones :( They should try save this by buffing them or atleast make double platinum because these chests are already getting a bad rep after being up for such a short time.

Re: What is the best server?

It depends on what you like. There's big servers with all clans working together and Rolling for drops, small servers that doesnt roll and use dkp systems and banks etc etc. I really like the server Belenus, I've not really played alot on others though. Belenus is a pretty small server with alot of ...

Re: Best eg rogue ammy

I use Stormcaller ammy and It's really great for dps. I personally prefer, and I know alot of my clannies also do stormcaller over runic valour. The str bonus and attack skill Stormcaller adds are really great.

Re: Question to DPS rogues

To me 2 str equals a little over 1 dmg which means the falcon ammy will only add Max 80 dmg. Idk if it will add more for others but if thats the case for everyone then I would take valour all day since it adds as much attack and a ton more dmg. Although u loose alot of dex which can be useful for pw...

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