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Re: Beta Monday?

xAndrey wrote:Well, OTM clocked out about 16 minutes ago. Does this mean:
1. iOS beta on Monday?
2. Someone will send the links later today?

I really really hope it won't get delayed until monday...

Re: Couple of questions about Lugh

Hello, just started playing again after about two years and everything has changed so much. Questions though, is there any mid level clans anymore? All I see are the noob clans and and the two end-game clans. Also, what's happened to the prices of items on Lugh? They've gotten sooo expensive, will ...

Re: Just want to say hi ^^

Hello everyone, I am new to the game... I have started as a mage on Gwydion but have been told potentially that Donn may be more active so that may change ;) I clearly have no idea as I have literally been playing for a matter of days but thought I would get in the forums early as I am sure to have...

Re: Hello

Hello to you wonderful people! Greetings from Aerox (Brad). Hoping to see some new and old players and make friends with them! OFF TOPIC:- Could somebody recommend a good server to start on? Can't buy platinum due to some IRL issues. A good class which is cheap to begin with and useful in the endga...

Re: Hello!

Hey, I'm just starting this game and had a couple questions. Which is the best server to start on? Active wise and friendly, etc. I also plan on being ranger and was wondering how ranger is end game? If someone could answer this for me it would be much appreciated, thank you. Welcome to the game an...

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