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Re: DPS Warrior

Warriors bossing dps isn't really that good tbh. Although since they do not die as much as rogues and rangers they can get some extra damage in by staying alive most of the time. For lixing their dps is actually pretty good though, They are amazing to lvl with since they have shatter and r automatic...

Re: Food Of The Gods iOS Beta.

So I just got the mail from Muldar in the middle of the night so it must have just been delayed (maybe thats what happening for the rest of you who haven't gotten it yet still), but I haven't gotten a mail from TestFlight. Is it probably also just delayed like the other mail?

Re: Food Of The Gods iOS Beta.

Gmail, check all folders as Gmail auto filters to Social / Promo etc. I applied aswell with hotmail and havent gotten a mail yet, I thought it was because second wave haven't been sent out yet? You should have now received the Testflight email. Check all folders (Junk etc) as it may have been filte...

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