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Re: What Happened To Avalon

Wolfenstien wrote:
Everything wrote:
Critical wrote:The whole Avalon clan went inactive?

Aileron, Creed, Bluestarr and Raved all have quit, and they're some of the best Ava has.. It would seem most have if Aileron is inactive seeing as he's Chief :/

Hope they all find a reason to return

Much more than just them went inactive.

That sucks :/

Re: Pleasantly satisfied

I know people like to post when they aren’t happy about things or they have an issue with something. I felt inclined to post that fact that the additions that OTM has added over the last several months have been very enjoyable. I really love the additional content that I can do but don’t necessaril...

Re: Most active world

finalblow wrote:
Critical wrote:Hey guys! I was wondering, which one of the worlds is the most active one?

Belenus.. noob.. now dont leave us ;-;

Was just wondering not leaving lol. I love bele :p

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