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Re: Open Beta?

can we expect open beta sometime in April? https://media.tenor.com/images/52459456b4aa83ecb305b09e2e99c47a/tenor.gif I would guess they are launching open beta in 1 and a half to 2 weeks. Personally, I'm gone from this wednesday till next wednesday so I'm kinda hoping they'll take their time implem...

Re: Which world is busiest?

As for me personally I like servers with boss comp, having awesome gear but no comp kinda removes the whole purpose of good gear imo since there's no1 to use the good gear against really lol. I play on Belenus and even though we are not the most active server then we are one of the few servers were ...

Re: Which world is busiest?

Would you say crowded ones are better to play because of the prospect of getting help and what not or? Server choice really depends on what you personally like. Epona for example use a roll system for most boss drops (and I think there's almost no comp either) meanwhile other servers usually use dk...

Re: best server to play

Belenus is good, pretty active and good clans, chests are 40-50k mostly unless during double plat. And you can get past zkills border control by wearing a cool top hat People that wear top hats are on the suspicion list, especially if the individual has a star dust white top hat and used to wear pi...

Re: Rangers

SPLEND1D wrote:just stack bow, 800 bow ring gives 800 attack and 80 dmg, methinks

nah adds alot more then 80 dmg, It adds like 120-140 i think without counting the str add

Re: Rangers

Bow ability is the ability that increases your dmg and attack while using bow and ranged combat is the ability that increases the dmg and chance of you hitting a skill. If the question was because you are gonna choose between bow and ranged combat nero rings then take bow ring allllll day long

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