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Re: Bloodthorn Raid Reset Changes

The boss to begin with provided a good challenge when the update first rolled out. Now it’s just an impossible feat that most worlds won’t be able to complete for quite some time. Yeah, it was a challenge but didn't jive with what OTMs plan was, I guess. They want us to get the new offhands before ...

Re: Bloodthorn Raid Reset Changes

No one can complain about BT until 40 offhands are obtained and those players go in for a 40ish man kill. Then and only then can people give constructive feedback on OTMs main intentions of this raid being a 40 man/t8 offhands raid. Well you could complain about how you can’t currently kill it but ...

Re: Bloodthorn Raid Reset Changes

There's still hope of a nerf or change all together. I'm guessing that once 40 players get their offhands and take on BT OTM will see how hard of a time they have. If they get spanked then we get a nerf, if not we may still but chances are low. Maybe we'll get a small buff before they wait to see 40...

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