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Re: Renewed Thinking

People have been asking for an auction house because it would likely improve the economies by reducing the wild price ranges for the same items on the same day, reduce scamming by clear and accessible prices, and in general enable a new dimension to the game. People whined about crowns for nearly 4...

Renewed Thinking

Not sure if this belongs in Suggestions, Petitions or Rants, but I think it's more General. I guess an admin will decide which :lol: So guys, as fans of Celtic and supporters of OTM I feel that we should really be doing our part to help the team to improve one of our favorite passtimes. We can do th...

Re: Fan Art Friday!

IssartriTheRanger wrote:
Romeo wrote:Great drawing :)
How come I never seen this hair style, is it a wig or a new custom style?

I think its a glenmor wig, they go up at the front

Yes indeed it is. Maybe a bit too spiky tbh lol

Let's get more active!

So as I can see Rosmerta is not very active in the forums as well as in the game, let's change that! Any discussions are welcome here, i'd just like to see who on Ros is present here in the forums also :)


Been on Celtic for years now, but just recently made a forum account. Hope to have some fun here!

Username: Everything
World: Rosmerta

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