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Re: Those of Us Left

Warson, Rikitt, Squid and Tyrant, glad to hear from you guys :) Hope y'all are doing well out here in the real world as well.

Loving the turnout as of now, there's a lot more people still around than I'd thought. Anybody else out there?

Re: Those of Us Left

Nymeria, Shivahh, Eragon and Deadstrike I'm glad you guys are still around. Hadn't seen y'all post much lately so wasn't sure. Thanks for checking in! @Eragon, Ah yeah, I'd forgottten about the Beta. Lot's of people must be absorbed in that. Even if I don't know all of you personally there's a bit o...

Those of Us Left

Got back on the game and forums again this last week and was surprised to see that nearly all the "older" forum goers are nowhere to be seen. Aside from those getting promoted to Moderators I've only really seen Zyz posting on stuff. Anybody else from 2014 and earlier is either a Mod or go...

VR's Future Plans?

Seeing as OTM is no more and VR is a much smaller studio, does that mean that updates to the game will take much longer than even OTM took to develop them? OTM took nearly 3 years to push out Gardens after they introduced the Tower, are we expecting that same wait time or longer for new areas added ...

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