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Re: New item drop locations

Bowmasterr Epona wrote:Have URSA bracelets even been added to the game?

My guess for the Ursa braces was that little hidden beach in Stonevale, a little past the boar pit. Theres 2 baby bears and a 4* there.
I must have cleared it thousands of times times by now, and got nothing so far :(

Re: Buying reaper ring or haste?

If you can afford it, get the reaper ring. It will hold it's value (you might even make money if you sell it...), it is the best haste ring in the game, and the 15% attack boost is huge at end game. If you cannot afford it, I'd recommend you get one of the haste offhand quivers, and save the ring sl...

Re: New item drop locations

Problem is, he doesn’t remember exactly where he got this ring and randomly found it when going through his inventory. He thinks it must’ve come from Corrupted Gardens by the Pollen skill and such, but he didn’t kill anything in Corrupted Gardens recently. Only thing he was in Corrupted Gardens for...

Re: New item drop locations

So far the only reliable indicative factor on these items that hint to where they may drop is the level requirement. Everything, so far, has dropped from a mob with a level about 0-15 levels higher than the level requirement of the item. The bloom rings have got a level req of 200, so that should gr...

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