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Re: New item drop locations

Also, Jake.. Could you remove the "spoiler" tabs? They seem broken, and clicking any of the spoilers below only opens up the first one for the Borrum Amulet. Ya Difinitus just added spoilers in this past forum update but they don’t work correctly :p I’ll remove them for now and update the...

Re: chest drop rate too bad!

Actually according to the drop rate table displayed on the chests we have a 26.28% chance of getting a red fashion item and also a 26.28% chance of getting a white fashion item. So according to VR the white fashion is just as common as getting a red fashion, it's no longer rare. Dragon and Phoenix ...

Re: New item drop locations

I got this drop with the help of a friend on Danu. This bracer is confirmed to drop from a rare 5* troll in the Mordris pit. Our mob was a 189/5 red troll. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the mob. Thank you!!! I've edited the original post. Can you clarify the effects of the brace pleas...

Re: New item drop locations

Here’s the apostate I got on December 4. The mob wasn’t too tough. https://i.ibb.co/7kxTd5Y/2086-A5-B1-2168-4-C23-8-FF6-5-CBCDCD5-A0-FA.png https://i.ibb.co/gwrsZ4f/5-F0-BEF45-20-A2-4642-B5-AA-740127-E47783.png https://i.ibb.co/zh7H9FS/78-F61-F62-6956-40-FD-B929-29-BEC25-C7408.png

Re: New item drop locations

Jake wrote: Dequon wrote: Do we have anymore information about the brace from alchemical? I saw that in the post it said a 196 mob but was also quoted for a 195 mob I think any wizard in that loop around the 195 room has a chance to spawn it. The only 196/5 mob I found in alchemical is the floor bo...

Re: New item drop locations

squidly wrote:Wrath of Ursa bracelet. I got it off of a 5* bear in Stonevale. Spawned by the baby bears near Chillmist.

Wow, your first post since 2015. Congrats on brace. Do you have a pic of the mob that dropped it? Were you killing stuff nearby or did you just randomly find it.

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