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Re: Selling Avalanche Sled

Friends and Accomplices: PLEASE BUY MY AVALANCHE SLED. I will sell the avalanche sled, golden quiver of regeneration, and revenant ring of energisation for only 325k. PLEASE BUY MY AVALANCHE SLED. Also, look at my magnificent artwork which I will be selling for 100k each. If nobody buys them, I will...

Please Post It Here

My Dear Friends and Accomplices: As to not spam my friends' threads with word of Jake410 (my Avalanche Sled), please post any thoughts and replies about him here. Also, "check out" these pictures: http://i48.tinypic.com/2urnrx5.png http://i46.tinypic.com/ddm2k6.png http://i48.tinypic.com/2...

Re: buying... almost everything 0.0

Kasha: His name is Jake410; as well as this, every number over Jake410 is one of my old departed friends. This is the reason why I will not make an account with a number higher than 409 and will only go down from Jake408. Jake410's feelings are not hurt and they are absolutely NOT "wittle"...

Re: Selling 80% camo charm - 300k

:( I am so sad that I have decided to go out of my standard format. My sled is not only both beautiful and amazing, but it is also one of my only friends. How dare you insult him like that. However, on a happier note, GO BID ON MY SLED!!!. -Jake soo.. if your sled is one of your best freinds, why a...

Selling Avalanche Sled

Jake: Title says it all. Well not quite. This will be an auction. Opening bid starts at 300k. Must increase price by at lease 10k a bid. Winner will be determined when there are no more posts under this topic for 1 day. Please post here so I don't end up selling sled to vendor due to the fact that n...

Re: Selling 80% camo charm - 300k

Nibbles N' Bits:
I will give you an avalanche sled for this so called "80% camo charm - 300k".
This is an amazing deal. If I were you, I would absolutely take this deal.
If you do not take this deal, I will do something very bad.
You want to take this deal. Trust me.

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