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Re: chest drop rate too bad!

Actually according to the drop rate table displayed on the chests we have a 26.28% chance of getting a red fashion item and also a 26.28% chance of getting a white fashion item. So according to VR the white fashion is just as common as getting a red fashion, it's no longer rare. Dragon and Phoenix ...

Re: New item drop locations

I got this drop with the help of a friend on Danu. This bracer is confirmed to drop from a rare 5* troll in the Mordris pit. Our mob was a 189/5 red troll. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the mob. Thank you!!! I've edited the original post. Can you clarify the effects of the brace pleas...

Re: New item drop locations

Here’s the apostate I got on December 4. The mob wasn’t too tough. https://i.ibb.co/7kxTd5Y/2086-A5-B1-2168-4-C23-8-FF6-5-CBCDCD5-A0-FA.png https://i.ibb.co/gwrsZ4f/5-F0-BEF45-20-A2-4642-B5-AA-740127-E47783.png https://i.ibb.co/zh7H9FS/78-F61-F62-6956-40-FD-B929-29-BEC25-C7408.png

Re: New item drop locations

Jake wrote: Dequon wrote: Do we have anymore information about the brace from alchemical? I saw that in the post it said a 196 mob but was also quoted for a 195 mob I think any wizard in that loop around the 195 room has a chance to spawn it. The only 196/5 mob I found in alchemical is the floor bo...

Re: New item drop locations

squidly wrote:Wrath of Ursa bracelet. I got it off of a 5* bear in Stonevale. Spawned by the baby bears near Chillmist.

Wow, your first post since 2015. Congrats on brace. Do you have a pic of the mob that dropped it? Were you killing stuff nearby or did you just randomly find it.

Re: Patch Notes: Version 3.2.2a (Monday, Dec. 3rd, 2018)

Wardon-CH wrote:So uh........ Not to be rude and all..... but where is the importance in these fixes?

The bloom rings had a gamebreaking skill they shouldn't have had.
Taunt ring skill, on a warrior, would do around 9k damage with a 5 second cooldown.
Calm ring skill, on a druid, could heal up to 12k.

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