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New highscore

Just beat who ever got the highest skill hit server wide for warriors let's see ugnar beat 19,878. Looking forward to a little challenge :)

Stock market

I'm thinking about investing into some cheap stocks nothing too crazy, anyone have some ideas on what company's might be good to look into?

Re: Public teamspeak SERVER WIDE

What's the point lol, it's basically a second forum. Well, with this you can play AND be on the server without ANY lag! I used to use it a lot but only for my clans and they didn't last as long as I would have liked. And let's be honest nobody likes reading arguements on the forums lmao! Also I got...

Public teamspeak SERVER WIDE

I created a teamspeak3 server for anyone to join, it's not costing me a penny so anyone can join! I feel people in Celtic heroes are always fighting or misunderstanding what others say even on the forums. So here's a place ALL people can come to and discuss Celtic heroes! (Admins and moderators are ...

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