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Re: Which Server?

More like an attempt to make a clan in epona with arawn rules but more like resurgence rules. Well, there is your answer. DragonSouls is not Resurgence. I know that, but he said the rules to his clan was, all clan kills are soul property on clan and not yours, donate 2 good items to be promoted to ...

Re: Which Server?

King Ragnar came to epona, he said he was from dragon souls. Why did he transfer? I don't remember a King Ragnar, so I am assuming his name on Epo is different. Regardless of who he was, different people prefer different servers, so I don't blame him. You can ask him yourself why he transferred. Pe...

Re: Which Server?

So...My server Belenus is pretty dead, and seems to be dying at a rapid rate. Now I come to you guys to inform me of a server that is active and would be willing to help me out in not only an active server, but a friendly server as I hope to make many new friends :). I am a fairly experienced playe...

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