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Re: New scam Ingame

Robert wrote:
be0wulf wrote:
Aileron wrote:...and so you decided to post the link and spread it even more?

This is a warning to all. Figured people might want to know now before people fall for it.

How is IRL trading a "new scam ingame"?

Least title your stupid topic correctly.

You talk to your mother with that kind of mouth?

Re: Update

Muldar wrote:Scheduled for June / July.

Dates may be shifted dependent on workload.

Probably another expansion to fishing... Btw iv noticed... NOBODY is ever fishing, I never see anyone fishing, why is that?

Re: Soda prices near you!

Are you buying some generic energy drink? Monsters and red bulls are running $2.50+ Those are terrible for you! I drink AMPs much better and make you feel better. Also this store just moved next to a gas station called speedway and they are trying to beat the gas stations buisness, speedway didn't ...

Soda prices near you!

So I went up to a new liquor store that just opened up where the old 7/11 used to be and I went in for an energy drink and I realized... they were only charging $0.99 per 16 oz bottle... that's like the recognized price that it was like 10+ years ago. In the hospital I work at they charge $1.86 and ...

Re: Which Server?

I know that, but he said the rules to his clan was, all clan kills are soul property on clan and not yours, donate 2 good items to be promoted to clansman, help recruit 2 members that make it to clansman and get to guardian, idk if that's arawn or resurgence rules but good luck pulling that off in ...

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