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fake website

lets null or bug celticheroes.tk this seems like it might be illegal to do something like this like Facebook hacking is very similar.

Re: Why Does It Seem Like Everything Is A New Problem To adm

Even though the game has many bugs now i still find it better than the game not being updated at all. Do you all remember what it was like with all the snow on the ground in middle of spring? lol yes. i would rather have a buggy interesting game than a small slow and boring game. i had many my items...

Re: Why Celtic Heroes?

I know this game isnt copied i dont mean to burst anyones bubble but the game called "Minions Of Mirth" has the same concept of this game except its on PC but its money system is more complex if you looked the game up or saw a video of the game you probably could see what im getting at. bu...

Re: Market

although i think pathfinder and vanquisher sets are about the same... i bought path leggings for only 10k probably will make a big profit off that haha. but i dont think anyone is really selling any of the sets 3 set of each about im not sure how rare mangus is though. but really 400k?? for whole se...

Re: Market

Yeah and now people are saying on eqona that pathfinder is more rare than vanquisher which i believe to be untrue and just the pathfinders helm is 100k+ this is insane they clain there are only 3 helms in game im pretty sure thats same for vanquisher as well.


hi i would like to know from people in other worlds how much it is to get vanquisher or pathfinders armour sets. Over in eqona its about 80k-100k


Will stonefang still look the same as it does now? Will all red bosses look cooler in update? If so can you give me a screenshot teaser of the new stonefang or goretusk?

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