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Re: New Content

"But as soon as the new game is out I can guarantee that most likely developers will focus on two games since the team will grow and they will have the ability to do so." I'm sorry and don't mean to be rude, but given their track record for this game the entire time VR has had it, there i...

Luxurious foods

Why does filet mignon remains filet mignon? Why use caviar instead of sturgeon eggs mix? But overall. why dont you change name from goose liver pate to foie gras? Every food has luxurious looks and name, yet the only one to sounds normal is goose liver pate. filet mignon is a french food, same goes ...

Re: Alright Please make some item that can reset faction or something to help

I'm just curious, but how long is "quite sometime" and how does it compare to how long it took you to get to tier 3-4 initially? I know it took a lot of people a huge amount of time to grind their way from 0 to 4 when the gardens were first released, and I'm just curious as to whether it'...

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