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Re: First Bloodthorn Helm Drop

It's so ugly. The stats are amazing! Congratz. It's a plant what do you expect? Also killing a plant doesn't mean you will get a good design helm considering you need to slice through its head and then convert into a helm takes a lot of effort in real life. Blacksmith and tailor have a very hard ti...

Re: Wigs and masks

+1 White Huntmaster mask + White Lugh mask or Golden crown of energisation. A mask that covers your entire head with another face mask? Lol, I like the wig/mask idea but not ones like the visages and huntsman mixing with others and ones that don’t make much sense like or not lets hope they do it to...

Re: My Ideas 08

Are you the real Laplace? I feel like your English was much better when I saw you on Sulis. Or is everyone just getting infected by the "zkiii" "Chuck Norris" virus? I'm, just talk casually, thats why it sounds so friendly and not much academic related. Yes, I'm laplace, but i n...

My Ideas 09

Hello, greetings My name is Laplace, a rogue or which reputation you may be heard of from your friends, neighbors or even a player. My topic now is about my ideas, you can comment but remember it's my IDEAS, So if you have any ideas please write in the Link here: viewtopi ... 23&t=82706 which yo...

Re: My Ideas 07

Everything wrote:Laplace I love seeing your ideas and these are wonderful.

If I can ever get Platinum purchases to work for me then I'd sink a ton of money into chests to get one of the effect dragons

No more laplace, I'm Caucasus now. Laplace is retired.

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