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Re: New Update?

Lmao, pvp? That’s so 2014 Just asking... but i hope its true... can someone confirmed this... bob, is this true??? Open world pvp with an unbalanced pvp system...u think abt it. I have also heard abt factions from the Leaks and leaked photos, but I think that is not gonna be the way, I don’t see ho...

Re: Favourite CH Memories?

I got tons of pictures on an old iPod 4 when I first joined the game (the battery on that thing literally only lasts maybe 2mins). My favorite memory of Celtic heroes ever is during early 2012 January. I was maybe level 7-8 in a group full of other low levels (highest level maybe 14 in the group) an...

Re: Open Beta Update!

[...]pending Apple Testflight approval. Emails will be sent by myself to your email submitted in sign up for beta testing once the build has been approved and when it goes live. iOS testers will then receive a second email from Testflight with an invitation code so keep checking that inbox! So, aga...

Re: Open beta

SPLEND1D wrote:
Muldar wrote:We are currently reviewing the open launch date as closed beta testing will be ending shortly.

closed beta is closing down today ?


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