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Re: Carnage without bosses

I meant leaving it as is... That would give rest to people who didn't really want an event this weekend, but still leave around 360 ish bosses for everyone that wants to kill bosses to kill bosses. We may end up having a :( event this week and have to do make it better the next time around. I'm sor...

Re: Carnage without bosses

] Well I mean... I do love legacy drops, and there are many that I planned on killing with the clan in advance, but when they said the legacy goes to OW and Murky I thought: "Well, thats much better. So far all carnages have been for us, the high lvl players (even if legacies are around lvl 18...

Re: Next event

I hope double plat and carrow carnage are this week :c. Double plat can happen be same time as something else.
But I want carrow carnasggeeee!
Hear our voices otm!

Re: New Moderator (Part IV)

I guess the peer pressure was too much, so here's my little personal thread. Playing since 2012, using forums since 2013, hated ice mages since 1995. I'll try to be impartial when it comes to ice vs fire, but no guarantees. Hobbies include being afk in game, never lixing and demoting clannies. sorr...

Re: Faster level solo with no good gear from 180-190

A clannie of mine solo lixed her mage to 220 in tower, she actually preferred it to group lixing! I bow down to her, can’t have been easy. I wish there were more blossom picking spots. There are people parking 3 toons at times to monopolize it. My Druid (lvl 190) got from 182-189 on blossoms but I’...

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