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Re: New Members

Jake wrote:
Legislative wrote:so what part of OTM that we knew is still around?
is ma dude Esquilax still hired?

Unfortunately Esq is gone :(

I no longer want to play. Was bad enough losing Muldar

Re: Carnage without bosses

I agree with that. If u disagree with carrowmore carnages ur flamed down, if u suggest carnage for NON EG PLAYERS ur flamed down. Literally pushing VR to go with their wants. I think this event is great in concept but lacks where OTM lacked... No one just stumbles upon raids, they camp it until its...

Re: Carnage without bosses

Still pushing, but it's not looking good. It has been noted to never do this event again with the current script. you need a blanket fairness to all players low mid and high on all events, we need to be straight on that matter. No matter what server you are on. Dom clans trying to force what they w...

Re: Carnage without bosses

I meant leaving it as is... That would give rest to people who didn't really want an event this weekend, but still leave around 360 ish bosses for everyone that wants to kill bosses to kill bosses. We may end up having a :( event this week and have to do make it better the next time around. I'm sor...

Re: Carnage without bosses

] Well I mean... I do love legacy drops, and there are many that I planned on killing with the clan in advance, but when they said the legacy goes to OW and Murky I thought: "Well, thats much better. So far all carnages have been for us, the high lvl players (even if legacies are around lvl 18...

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